Economics and Environment Regional Committee

The ACI Africa Economics and Environment Regional Committee is a standing committee responsible for developing regional positions on economics and environment related issues of concern for regional airports members. The committee submits to the board policy proposals on Economics and Environment related issues for further consideration, approval and advocacy with members, governments and regional organizations.

The meetings provide forums for interaction, exchange of views, promotion of best practices and professional excellence in economics and environment related issues.

Standing Agenda Items for the Economics and Environment Regional Committee:

  • Organizational Structure of Airports
  • Airport Charges (including Airport Charges Calculator)
  • Airport Financial Management
  • Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
  • Financing of Capital Projects
  • Development and Management of Non-Aeronautical Revenues
  • Economic Contribution of airports
  • Air quality at airports
  • Noise emissions at airports
  • Environmental matters at ICAO