ACI Africa Leadership

Regional Secretariat

The Regional Secretariat is the administrative body whose main role is to give an efficient and effective administration to the organization. The Regional Secretariat is in charge of ensuring compliance to the internal rules; monitoring the decisions taken, work programs and activities ordered by the Regional Board and the Assembly. Additionally, it is responsible for the annual budget implementation. The Regional Secretariat works closely with the Executive Committee.


Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee are selected from the members of the Regional Board.

The Executive Committee consists of seven members as follows: the elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the ACI Africa Regional Board of Directors, a representative of each sub Region (not including the vice president sub region), and the Treasurer, named by the board.

The Executive Committee's mandate includes monitoring and co-ordinating the activities of the committees; developing services to members; overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the ACI Africa Strategic Plan.


Regional Board

The regional board comprises representatives of regular members and one business partner. The Board defines regional policies and reports to the regional assembly.

The regional board comprises a maximum of 15 representatives of the regular members of the region representing each sub-region as follows:

  • Central Africa - 2 members
  • Eastern Africa - 3 members
  • Northern Africa - 3 members
  • Southern Africa - 3 members
  • Western Africa - 3 members

The Board's duties include the determination of general policies, approval of the program of activities of the region, and any other matters assigned by the regional assembly. It meets at least twice a year and reports to the general assembly.

For a list of members of the current regional board, please  click here.

The elected board members elect among themselves a president who represents the region on all official and legal matters.

The regional board appoints a secretary general who is entrusted with running the regional office and implement the policies and activities adopted by the regional board.

Finally, the regional board also establishes regional committees to study issues of interest to the Africa region. There are currently four committees:

The Africa Region is also represented at the ACI World Governing Board and World Standing Committees.


Regional Assembly

The regional assembly is the ultimate decision-making body of ACI-Africa. It is comprised of ACI regular and partners members located in Africa. Its roles include but are not limited to approving the regional policies after their adoption by the regional board; approving the annual report and approving the Region's budget and addressing any matter(s) referred to it by the Regional Board.